Over the years, achieving the full potential of the Charles River Basin—ten-mile long, urban, open-space resource—has been difficult. This is due to limited investment, lack of unified public commitment, shifting priorities, and insufficient private interest. Our goal is to transform this stretch of the Charles, from the Watertown Dam to Boston Harbor, into vibrant and beautiful river-side parklands that: 1) is nothing short of the best park in the world; 2) is the pride of the entire Boston community; 3) are easily accessible by public transportation; 4) are designed in concert with other relevant public and private projects planned for the region.

We want to create a new, enlarged vision for the whole urban Charles as a center of activity and enjoyment for the residents of every Boston metro neighborhood, not just those living near the river. This plan for the urban Charles can best be achieved by creating a strong public/private entity that engages key stakeholders—the Commonwealth, the City of Boston and other abutting cities and institutions, and representatives from the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

We believe that a public/private partnership will be able to raise substantial private funds to transform the Charles waterway. There is strong support from officials in the Commonwealth, Boston, Cambridge, Newton and Watertown, and from potential individual, foundation and corporate donors. All believe that a strong alliance working through a public/private partnership is needed to raise the level of money required to plan, implement, and endow a bold new vision for the river. Implementing this kind of plan will require a new level of engagement with the diverse communities that make up the metro area.

We will build on important efforts of many to greatly broaden support for this precious resource, advocate for protection and enlargement of public access, and create an extraordinary, world-class 500-acre park for everyone to use and enjoy for years to come.

We launch this effort now with support and enthusiasm from the Commonwealth, engagement from the cities, and a hearty demonstration of confidence from private giving. This enables us to take the next steps of working with the Commonwealth to convene stakeholders in re-visioning and expanding the Master Plan, fundraising for implementation, and assisting in the creation of the appropriate entity to steward the use of private funds to develop and manage the ongoing process.